US Army – Korean Era – Veteran Trip – Dick Lenarz – Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows, Ontario Canada

We had a great time fishing in the cold Canadian waters of Tranquil Channel with JR and Dick. The weather was cold and blustery, but the fish were biting, so we didn’t mind.
JR and Dick fishing in the Tranquil Channel
Of course, no fishing trip would be complete without at least one story about “the one that got away.” This time, it was JR that, in his words, blew it.
The Master Fishermen in Their Natural Habitat
He was rank crankin’ it in, and it just got away from him. Of course, when things like this happen, it is the angler’s right to speculate wildly about the size of the beast. This time, we’ll go with 40 inches. Dick said it doesn’t count unless you get it in the boat. I guess that’s why they call it fishing…not catching.  

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